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Ps Elaine Teo 张秀梅牧师

Ps Elaine Teo 张秀梅牧师

Elaine Teo is a well-known gospel singer and a evangelist with many gospel hits under her sleeves in Asia.
As a fore-runner in Chinese gospel music, Elaine Teo has a non-equivalent vocal that captures the heart of her listeners.  With her amazing stage presentation and her testimony, she has a powerful message for her listeners.  Having launched 5 albums and a ministry span of over 16 years, she has traveled and minister across the globe and love by many Chinese.
During her pursuit in Bible College, Elaine has also taught Contemporary Piano and has taught vocal for the past 10 years.  She has taught and train churches in the area of worship as well.



張秀梅可謂華人福音歌手中的大姐大,她有著嘹亮高亢嗓音, 舞台魅力活潑風趣,本身也有極感人的見証故事,使聽見的人都沐浴在神恩典的大愛中。總共曾發行5張專輯,演唱生涯已超過16年之久,她巡迴演唱的足跡,踏遍全世界,是華人界深受喜愛和敬重的歌手,