监制,歌手,长笛手,大提琴手,声乐老师,词曲创作   涵婷出身於一個基督教家庭, 從小就在神學院裡參與教會音樂活動, 爸爸是位聲樂家曾穫多項獨唱及合唱冠軍, 涵婷自8歲就開始幫爸爸伴奏.小時後不僅加入合唱團.並向父親學習長笛. 自國中以後全家搬遷到紐西蘭定居. 在中學時期參加學校樂團及Auckland Academy orchestra 當中皆擔任長笛首席. 在高中的三年都拿下全校的演奏獎杯. 在高中的最後一年因深深的經歷神的作為許下心願, 如果神願意用她,她願意給神使用. 就這樣單純的想法考進了紐西蘭奧克蘭大學演奏系. 在2003以榮譽學士畢業. 在大學其間曾參與多次比賽,榮獲多項獎項並踴躍參加mater class 造就自己. 當中邀請到的都是世界知名的大學指導教授. 拿到教師認證前以有多年教授詩班的經驗並參與在教會敬拜團的服事及帶領歌手練習. 曾在Carmel College 和Elim Christian College 任教. 指導高中學生作曲,曲式分析,室內樂…..等. 並擔任樂團及合唱團指揮. Read more →

司徒尚德 Stuart Saunders

钢琴手,音乐总监 Stuart Saunders , keyboard player in the Sowers Music Band, is a teacher at St Kentigern College, an independent co-educational Christian school in Auckland, New Zealand.  Concurrently Director of Music at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Howick,  Auckland, Stuart for many years made his living as a professional pianist in the commercial music scene. He has a special interest in encouraging… Read more →

陈主恩 Matthew L. Tan

Director, Singer, Song-writer, Music Pastor, Producer   Matthew Tan was born in Singapore in 1971 to parents who were both performers in a Chinese street opera troupe. With family links to criminal triads, illicit drugs, corruption and crime were part of everyday life for  young Matthew as he grew up.  When he was seven, his father was imprisoned for heroin… Read more →


Mission: As such, Sowers Music gathered together a network of leaders, garnering their knowledge and wisdom, seek to serve through a trusted community of spiritual leaders, worshipers within the worship arena to foster relationship, practical skills, biblical stewardship and creative excellence. We are: Since its inception in 2004, Sowers Music has endeavour to raise up the standard of Chinese’s praise… Read more →


目的: 颂宣音乐网络集合了一群在基督教敬拜音乐界里可靠的属灵领袖,敬拜者并透过他们的智慧与知识,一起培育出合神心意的敬拜团/者,并在耶稣肢体里面之间建立更有扎实的关系,实际的技巧,符合圣经的管理及卓越的创造能力。   关于我们: 自2004年成立以来,颂宣音乐就不断参与并积极的提升华人教会敬拜赞美的素质,首为敬拜并荣耀神,其次便是广传福音。因此,颂宣音乐这几年,已在南太平洋不同国家如纽西兰, 澳大利亚,印尼,马来西亚,泰国,中国等国家,办了多场佈道会,培灵会等,向超过十多万人传福音,并有超过一万人信主。 借着这样的活动,颂宣音乐也与不同专业音乐人,敬拜者,等建立起一個以敬拜布道为主的群体。不同的配搭,不時的合作制作专辑,举办培训,音乐佈道等。更在不同的时候,为彼此搭起福音的桥梁。正当颂宣音乐受邀到亚洲不同角落服事,神也慢慢允许颂宣音乐成为一华人教会在亚洲的一个网络及培训点。 Read more →


Often people feel that if they could just change their church’s worship style to be like the church across town or on television, the church will explode with growth. Indeed, it is important to note that the vast majority of churches in America have traditional worship, yet the majority of churches experiencing tremendous growth are of a contemporary or blended (unified) style.… Read more →